Why INSPA Veneers?

  • Sourced from some of the best veneer mills in the world, our veneers adheres to international standards of 0.55 mm + in thickness.
  • Variety of textures and range of colors to choose from to fit every design inspiration
  • Availability in most exquisite characters and grain patterns
  • Compressed on prime grade underlay plywood using the latest glue line technology (Environmentally friendly) under experienced supervisors to ensure zero after sales complaints

Why INSPA Solid Surfaces?

  • Highly durable, majorly adorable and greatly elegant, INSPA Solid Surfaces are one of the most versatile decorative products available today.
  • Think of any specific use and it is likely to be possible with solid surfaces. From decorative panels for walls, partitions, ceilings, kitchen tops, bathroom vanities, to creating bathtubs almost anything and everything seems achievable with Solid surfaces.
  • With the potential of being used both in interior and exterior applications, INSPA Solid Surfaces become almost seamless when joined together giving a flawless look and design to the area of application.
  • Its high scratch-resistance, non-staining and zero maintenance properties make it ideal for use for any kind of application or design feature.

Why INSPA Laminates?

  • Comprehensive range of Laminates with almost 10 new designs launched every month
  • Competitive pricing policy with ready availability of stock  in almost every color you can imagine
  • Possibility to create your own design and textures in any color you can think of
  • Expert guidance and support to give you the best suited product


  • INSPA Plywood is a value for money proposition in a true sense
  • Each tenderized core of INPSA Plywood material is passed between the glue spreader
  • The resin core veneer is cured at low temperature to retain the natural stability
  • Layers of core and face veneer’s are assembled under the natural condition